Fischer Highbond Anchor FHB II-A L Resin Capsule

The bonded anchor suitable for cracked concrete.


  • The mortar bonds the entire surface of the anchor rod to the wall of the drilled hole and largely seals the hole
  • Highly corrosion-resistant steel of the corrosion resistance class IV e.g. 1.4529 for applications in aggressive atmospheres (e.g. tunnels, swimming baths)
  • Suitable for use in cracked tensile zone guarantees highest safety
  • Low-expansion force allows cost-efficient fixing with small edge distances and spacings
  • Quick installation by hand without a setting tool reduces the work involved

Types of Materials

Concrete, Solid block, Solid brick, Solid stone

Main Uses

Steel constructions - Railings Consoles - Ladders - Wooden constructions - Cable trays - Machines - Staircases - Gates - Facades - Window elements - Stand-off installation


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