Spit Viper XTREM

High performance multi application chemical mortar for cracked concrete and seismic conditions. Now improved for a stronger fix, easier injection and faster curing time.


  • ETA approval option 1 for cracked and non cracked concrete and seismic C1 (M8 to M30) and seismic C2 (M12 to M20)
  • Application technical document (ETA) for rebar in seismic application
  • Enhanced productivity with easy flow and usability from -10°c to + 40°c
  • Approved in dry, humid and flooded holes
  • Reduced product waste thanks to rigid cartridge
  • Visual mixing control through transparent nozzle
  • 18 months shelve life (used or unopened)
  • Suitable for all drilling methods including diamond
  • Odor free and no volatile organic compound ( rating A+)
  • Fire approval

Types of Materials

Concrete Solid brick, Solid stone, Solid block, Hollow brick, Hollow slab*, Hollow block*, Plasterboard*, Aerated concrete

Main Uses

Steel framed structures - Machinery Pipe work supports Motorway signs / Safety barriers

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  • Products
    • Threaded Studs - Zinc Plated
      High performance chemical stud Can be used with Maxima+ capsule, Viper resin and Epcon C8 resin
    • Threaded Studs - Stainless Steel Grade A4 (setting tool included)
      High performance stainless steel chemical stud with 45 degree chisel point for outdoor application
    • Perforated Sleeves
      Perforated Sleeves for Hollow Base Materials and Overhead Applications in Solid Materials
      Perforated Sleeve.jpg
    • Plastic Sleeve
      Plastic Sleeves for Hollow Base Materials and Overhead Applications in Solid Materials
      Plastic Sleeve.jpg
    • Dosing Plug
      Rigid Nozzle Extension and dosing plug
    • Nozzles, Applicators and Cleaning Kits
      Manual Cleaning Kit and Tool Box
      Manual Cleaning Kit and Tool Box.jpg
    • Blow Out Tool for Hole Cleaning
      Hand Operated Blow Out Tool
      Hand Operated Blow Out Tool.jpg
  • Downloads
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