Spit Hammer Fixings Hit M

The only hammer screw anchor designed for fixing into both solid and hollow substrates. Pre-expansion design guarantees correct installation.


  • Innovative design - Ensures the product can be hammered all the way into the hole without expansion
  • Demountable Wide collar - Ensures tight fixing
  • Saw tooth thread - Makes it easy to drive in and unscrew
  • Through fixing - Lowers in place cost

Types of Materials

Works in both solid & hollow substrates: Concrete, Aerated concrete, Stone, Hollow slab, Plasterboard, Hollow Brick

Main Uses

Drywall track and brackets, Electrical installations, Insulation supports, Battens / sole plates, Conduit clips, Boxes, Trunking, Skirting boards, Computer floor pedestals, Brackets, Metal frames and Collars

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