Pulsa 27E Cordless Gas Nailer

New and enhanced cordless gas nailer for M&E applications into concrete, steel, masonry & timber

The fastest, most durable and reliable tool for direct fixing of electrical cable management.


  • Work more, charge less with a battery capacity of 3,500 shots per charge
  • Extended 3 year warranty 
  • Increase Productivity - 8 times faster than traditional methods of fixing
  • Maximise Dust Protection - Mitigate drilling and drastically reduce the risk of dangerous dust
  • Reduced Hand Arm Vibration - Minimal exposure levels
  • Start & Go Technology - Saving you energy throughout the day without interruption
  • On Site Tool Maintenance - Easy to self maintain on site with minimal downtime


Direct Fixing of electrical cable & conduit accessories, light containment and back boxes into concrete, steel, masonry & timber.

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  • Products
    • Pulsa 40E Cordless Gas Nailer - 20 pin magazine
      Spit Pulsa 40E Cordless Gas Nailer with 20 pin magazine, high impact carry case, 1 x Li-ion batteries, All-in-one Li-ion battery charger, safety goggles with EN166 (B & F markings), allen key and instruction manual
    • HC6 Pins - Hard Concrete (>C25) and Steel Substrates
      10 Strip collation (suitable for 20 and 40 pin magazine) + 1 x Fuel Cell
    • HC6 Pins - Flush Head - Hard Concrete (>C25) and Steel Substrates
      Hard concrete and steel pins, with collation that fragments on impact to leave the pin 'flush' to the fixed article. Use with Prysmian Firefix™. Available in sizes from 15 - 27mm
    • C6 Pins - Standard Concrete (C25) Substrates
      10 Strip collation (suitable for 20 and 40 pin magazine) + 1 x Fuel Cell
    • Clip Elec All-Purpose Cable Tie Clip
      Used for cable, conduit and pipework - For use with cable ties (not included) up to 9mm cable diameter
    • CT Clip
      The CT Clip is moulded with a cable tie - Hold pipes, cable and conduit up to 32mm in diameter. Can be used in temperatures down to -5°. Available in grey
    • Prysmian Firefix™
      Prysmian Firefis clip for use with fire cabling. Use with Flush Head Pulsa pins only to avoid crimping of the cables. Firefix clips are also designed to be used with Tapcon countersunk screws in conditions where direct fixing is not an option (Eurocode: 921507)
    • Threaded Rod Hanger Clip (TRH)
      Holds threaded rod up to 600mm long, chain or suspension cables can be hung from the clip. The unique design enables the quality of the fixing to be tested as it is bent into place. No not exceed maximum loads of 10kg / static loads only. Do not use Pulsa with rod exceeding 600mm or rod greater than Ø 8mm.
    • P Clip
      Designed to fasten conduit and pipework, primarily to the floors and walls - Made from impact resistant polypropylene, it offers a lower cost option to metal clips, will not corrode, and will allow pipes to expand and contract. Single and double P Clips are available
    • E Clip Conduit Clip
      For fast installation of pipework and conduit - The clip is designed to clip easily onto the Pulsa 700E pin guide from the side, allowing a one handed operation. Available in both black and grey
    • Steel Washer for use with Magnetic Pin Guide
      25mm Steel Washer, to be used with magnetic pin guide (Eurocode: 333700
    • All-purpose Steel Band
      Versatile All-Purpose Steel Band can be cut to any length
    • Accessories
      Pulsa accessories include; Spit 27E E-Lift Pole Tool & Extension, Spit Pulsa Cleaning kit, Spit Pulsa Battery Charger, Spit Pulsa Lithium Battery replacement
      Pulsa Accessories
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