RJ Fixings support specialist contractors with the best fixings and fixing systems.

We know, trust and understand our supply chain to deliver products that are not only superior in performance, but adhere to relevant ETA standards (European Technical Assessment) which is critical when supporting large projects.

Spit Pulsa 65

RJ Fixings is a market leading supplier of direct fixing systems that will help drive job site speed.

For dry lining first fix and and cable management to steel and concrete the Pulsa range from Spit are the most versatile, compact and well balanced tools for maximum productivity.

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Approved, fully supported and guaranteed fixing solution from the world's leading manufacturers. 

Safety critical installations, like curtain wall brackets, can have a narrow fixing zone, tighter edge space requirement and reduced embedment depths. RJ specialises in ETA option 1 Approved fixing products that answer these questions.

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